Toriko 98 Released

Ok, so our cleaner, Idol from Juin Jutsu Team had computer problems so things got delayed. But they’re all better now. And I finished typsetting 98, which is now released.

Toriko 98:
Direct Download

He sent me the cleaned chapter 98 and 99 today so I’ll try to do 99 tomorrow. 100 and the one backup, 89, should be done soon after that.
I’m going to try to get doing current Gintama chapters soon, too.

Spread the word. More people need to know about us and this series. And enjoy…

12 thoughts on “Toriko 98 Released

  1. Whoa, Gintama too?! There’s no need to rush to catch up with the current chapters ( at least for a while). I’m already recommending this tasty manga to friends and forums.

  2. Okay, scratch my previous comment. After reading chap 98, I re-realized how great Toriko is and can’t wait for the next release XD

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  4. thx a lot, i really appreciate you guys doing toriko, i really love this manga and i hope you will continue doing it until its chapter 1000 when it ends or something, more people should really read this manga!

  5. :'( I love you guys, I thought I would never see Toriko again once Mangahelpers died for the UK. Its my fav manga and deserves more attention, keep up the good work

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