Status Update

Just to keep everyone up to date, the raws for Toriko last week (chapter 105) were really late, by about 5 days, and now the raws for this weerk (106) are out, so it’s caused a delay. We’re working on these now. Also the next Gintama chapter should be done soon. But this weird thing with Toriko’s raws is causing some delays.

We have a few people who applied to help clean Toriko and Gintama. I was going to only get people for Gintama but I think Idol needs some help, and it would probably speed things up so I’m going to accpet people to do Toriko, too.

If you want to help out, and have experience or at least enough knowledge to clean on your own, and want to help out, email me at
Or contact me on AIM or MSN, my screennames are Kewl0210 and respectively there.

Thanks for your patients, everyone.

19 thoughts on “Status Update

  1. Hei kewl, i’ve finished to clean the chapter 105, if you come on messenger i can send it to you 😉
    I’ve already started to clean chapter 106, and don’t worry, i don’t have need of help for toriko 😉

  2. Come on guys! Toriko is awesome and you are awesome too. Thank you again for doing this manga!
    I can’t help in any way than moral support, so come on!

  3. Idol so greedy, wanting all the fame for himself 😛

    btw, thx for the chapters. all of them are all nice n clean. d(“,)b

  4. Hye guys, new to the website and I’m glad you guys work on Toriko which is, unfortunately, underrated.

    Hope 105 and 106 are making great progress guys.

  5. At the moment we have the translations and the scanlations of chapters 105 & 106.
    You have only to wait for kewl’s typesetting 😉

  6. Idol

    Thanks for the update. Question: Is it difficult to do cleaning when it comes to manga? If that makes sense?

  7. @ LemonCheesecake

    Yeah, it’s really difficult because i have to turn a raw page in a white/black&Grey page.
    However, it’s more difficult if i have to re-draw some scene, like in chapter 105… 😉

  8. @ Invice_Z

    Yes, i use photoshop for cleaning but i don’t know if my monitor is calibrated XD
    My Monitor is: LG Flatron Wide, i don’t know more about it 🙂

    I think that any monitor is good for cleaning operations 😉

  9. Idol@ That’s fine man (About being Italian) and well just know man that regardless of diffficulty man, were rooting for ya and the rest of the team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. @idol
    btw, could you tell me more about the “redrawing” part?
    how you do it in photoshop? is there any trick?
    i tried to clean my friend’s drawing last night, and a lot of (if not almost all) parts need redrawing. the result is as expected, messy everywhere 😀

  11. You guys think you could keep the comments for like, comments, rather than outside discussion? Just pick some forum and make a topic about it…

    Redrawing means drawing the part of a drawing that is covered up by Japanese text. Otherwise there’s a big white splotch behind and around your text when it’s not in a bubble and it looks crappy.

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