Gintama 312 Release

Oook, so finally we have another Gintama chapter.
We really could use more cleaners. Right now only one is active and he’s fairly busy with school. So anyone else who has the skills needed, we need people to help regularly to get this series done.
Otherwise, Bomber D Rufi is back so we’ll be working on getting the translation scripts edited so they’re usable for scanlation. It’s pretty time consuming to do, but we’ll be working on catching up to the current chapters over time. But for now, enjoy chapter 312.


Gintama 312:
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2 thoughts on “Gintama 312 Release

  1. Guys, seriously. Are you even trying to scanlate Gintama anymore? Why the heck are you so far behind when you have the translations up to chapter 331? If you’re no longer scanlating this manga, please make a notice and let others make use of Bomber D. Rufi’s translations on Manga Helpers.

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