Toriko 153 Release

Big numbers!

Please don’t upload this to any external sites for 24 hours. Except Mangareader that has permission.

I should mention, in the last chapter I left out one of the 0’s from Sani’s Touches count. It should be 200,000 Strand Hair Punch and his new total is 300,000. Just in case anyone noticed. It’s right in this chapter.

Ok, here’s this. Finally back on time, basically.
Gintama stuff should be coming out soon, I’ve got a bunch of chapters done, we’re waiting on typsetting.

If you didn’t see before, I added an online reader using that system FoolRulez makes. So thanks to them for making such a thing. It’s a very well designed interface.

Toriko 153:
Direct Download
Online Reader

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  1. Thanks for the release but i just wanted you to know that there is a spelling mistake on page 5 in stead of really it says reallu

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