Gintama 372 Release

Something’s definitely not right here…

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In our ongoing efforts to work ourselves to death, we here at Hi Wa Mata Noboru have decided to try scanlating the issues of Gintama as they come out in Jump, starting with this week, while simultaneously working on catching up through the volumes. A two-fronted attack to try and get through the series and do it well. We think we have the resources to comfortably do this now. Hopefully we can keep it up, we’ll see. Thanks to Bomber D Rufi for translating it on short notice, and benii for cleaning it on short notice. But we think doing this will be slightly more efficient, because we can check over Rufi’s chapters right after he translates them, and we can keep one part of this on a fixed schedule, while filling in a fixed gap, rather than one that gets bigger every week.

V40 is most of the way through in pretty much every stage.

By the way, this chapter’s freakin’ awesome.

Gintama 372:
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31 thoughts on “Gintama 372 Release

  1. Oh wow. Wpic start to a new arc. Thanks for doing up this new chapter and still working on the rest of the volumes! Epic pic choice btw.

  2. Thanks so much for the scanlation! Noooooo, Gin-san, I still love you! 🙁 What a terrible birthday present for him, lol.

    Am I the only one who thinks Kin looks like Sougo?

  3. Thanks for the release. Nice, things will probably speed up now.
    Some friendly advice for the cleaner, it’s a bit overfiltered. Try lowering the settings on whatever filters you use, as some of the art is a bit… yeah.
    That said, good job.

    • Thanks. and yeah, sorry about that. I’ve only ever really cleaned volume scans till now, so i’m not sure how to clean these yet.
      Any advice or constructive criticism is welcome though.

      • Oh, good response. Was kind of unsure about my reply- Last time I said something like that (other group) they were yelling that I ‘Didn’t know shit about cleaning’ Well; The Magazine cleaning (especially jump) is a lot harder then Tanks. You did pretty well if this was your first try (I see worse every week, sadly). Also, 90% of the readers won’t care nor see these kinda things. Your filter settings are set a bit high, the result is that the grays are a bit blurry, and some of the art (For example, hairlines, thin (background) lines). Lower the settings a bit. You’ll probably have to burn a bit more to get rid of the dust then though, but it’ll look better… Good luck 😉

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