Gintama 373 Release

What will happen to our hero, Kintoki, this time?! Who is the mysterious silver-haired Gintoki?!

Sooo much fun…

Gintama 373:
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16 thoughts on “Gintama 373 Release

  1. Hell yeah, Gintoki! Gintama being as it is though, Kintoki might be portrayed in a different light later but aaaah.

    Thank you for the chapter!

  2. Thanks so much! Oh gosh, Gin’s face when Sadaharu showed up… he’s sitting there in his boxers with a giant dog trying to eat his head and here I am, tearing up. What has Sorachi sensei done to meeeeeee?

  3. Thank you so much for the chapter! Ok, i know this sounds weird but when i got to page 5, i had the sudden urge to check all the past chapters just to check whether Gintoki was really replaced by Kintoki haha…..

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