16 thoughts on “Gintama 374 Release

  1. Thank you guys~!!

    And that’s why you lose, Kintoki, because Gintoki’s the type of person to jump off a building to save someone he doesn’t even like without a second thought! Also you’re creepy. …But I’ll stop talking to a fictional character now.

  2. “Kintama 3: Transcendent God Rock”
    ^ I see what you did thar

    Thanks a bunch. I appreciate the suicide of doing tanks and mags at the same time. =D

    Haa… I’m disappointed in you, Kintoki. I thought you had more in you then that. Letting Gin regain the spotlight so quickly. Be a more formidable adversary!

  3. Oh lol. The Bleach title and all those references. Hah! So you show you’re true colours Kintoki. Can’t wait to see the reactions in the next chap~

    Thanks a lot for the chapter!

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