Gintama 376 Release

We’ll go home where everyone is waiting for us…

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I had a million problems this week, I was barely able to get this done at all.
As mentioned, there’s no Toriko this week.
Anyhow, I just spent the last straight 10 hours working on this to get it done, so I’m gonna go sleep…

Gintama 376:
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20 thoughts on “Gintama 376 Release

    • Тише, пожалуйста. Все в процессе, не насидайте. Видите же объяемы работы. Мы тоже люди, живые. Будь те так добры – ждите.

  1. It’s pretty epic how the chapter ends with Sarutobi. Hope you’ve gotten a lot of rest for working 10 hours straight, and thank you very much for the hard work!

  2. Thanks so much for the chapter~!! Your hard work is very appreciated, you should go sleep the sleep of a very accomplished person!

    S-Sadaharu, don’t cry ;_; Oh gosh, this chapter! To go from Toujou’s and Zura’s cosplay standoff to Gintoki making a speech (well, a little one) and everyone almost remembering and Sadaharu crying… what mood whiplash!

  3. Thanks for working so hard man, scanning Gintama weekly and in volumes, idk how you even manage, but we all really appreciate it

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