Gintama 380 Release

And now, enjoy the first and last chapter of Sorachi-sensei’s new series, Mantama.

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This took some time because I needed to sleep. Because if humans don’t sleep they die, it turns out. Ooook.

Edit: There was a small mistake with the typsetting, I updated everything so it should be fixed now.
And don’t worry about me, I just had a lot to do all at once because last week’s chapters were late and this week’s were on time. There’re two combined-issues in Jump in December where there’s no issue the next week, so I’ll have plenty of time to rest then.

Gintama 380:
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19 thoughts on “Gintama 380 Release

  1. ….have you ever considered prioritizing sleep over translating? I mean, I’m grateful and all that you’re doing this series, but I don’t really think it’s so important that you’d need to lose sleep over it…

  2. I would like to thank you for providing us with Gintama scans, I look forward to each new chapter that comes out.

    But I think you guys made a mistake on page 16, Gengai says the same line twice.

  3. It’s really ok if you want to take your time scanlated this.. in fact, you have to, you guys are awesome XD and i don’t want you to get sick..
    Anyway, thank you very much for the chapter

    I’m sorry for bad english

  4. I think we are grateful just to get new Gintama chapters constantly and you should sleep all the time you need so that you can remain healthy and continue to translate it

  5. lol, Gin(or is it Man?)tama is the only manga I know that can pull off something like this and amuse me at the same time. The first lines of this chapter sound suspiciously like pick up lines…

    Anyway, thank you very much for your time and talents, but please take more time off this December. It’d be terrible to hear one day that chapters will be delayed because you dropped dead on us. :p

    But seriously, sleep more!

  6. Thank you~!! (I was gonna say “thank you for your hard work,” but all the dick jokes this chapter have ruined me. Hee hee, “hard work.”)

    Sleep is important. It’s okay to prioritize sleep over Gintama! Gin-san would be proud of you.

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