Toriko 168 Release

Livebearer’s face is just sooo hilarious… There’s barely any fanart of him though.

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Oook… I’m gonna go back to studying for finals…

Edit: There was a small mistake on page 4. The links up now have the fixed version.

Toriko 168:
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12 thoughts on “Toriko 168 Release

  1. “In fact, just imagining someone like Toriko-chan with an empty head is so cute, enough for me to want to let him form a combo with me”

    beep beep beep creeper alert

    Good chapter as always!

    • We still plan to work on Gintama weekly. People are just busy this time of year, usually with finals and their personal lives.
      If you’re curious, chapter 381 has already been translated and cleaned and is waiting to be translation checked and typeset.

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