Toriko 169 Release

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I’ve had finals every day, before which I had final projects. So we don’t have last week’s Gintama done yet. I’ll work on getting that done, now that I’ve finally got free time. The other guys are working on this week’s. Also, there’s supposed to be no Jump next week. Because this week is combined issue 3-4 of Jump.
If you’re not familiar with how this works in previous years, it goes:
Jump Issue 3-4 -> Week off -> Jump Issue 5-6 -> Week off -> Jump Issue 7.
But sometimes we just get issues 3-4 and 5-6 in a row and then two weeks off. So that might happen. I’ll be working on Gintama regardless, now I can get back to working on volumes.

Apparantly the site will be down for a few days, and should be back around the 20th. So use another source until then.

Toriko 169:
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20 thoughts on “Toriko 169 Release

  1. Megaupload link was put instead of a Mediafire link in the word “Mediafire”.
    Thanks for this nonetheless. Gonna wait for the Gintama releases as well. 😀

  2. Thanks for the chapter…
    For GIntama, I wouldn’t mind getting a bit late… It’d be better to have double-dose or even triple since there’ll be breaks…

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