Gintama 382 Release

Happy not-really-new-years-yet new year.

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Ok, this is finally done. I had problems with my computer, plus we were busy over the holidays, plus this chapter is full of stuff that’s difficult to be sure you’re translating right, making the checking take forever.

We don’t have any raws for Jump issue 5-6 yet, for the same reasons of people being busy during the holidays, but should get them soon we think. There’s no Jump next week anyhow, so it’s not like we’d fall behind with this week’s being a few days later.

Gintama 382:
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41 thoughts on “Gintama 382 Release

  1. Thanks you guys!! I can tell this was a bitch of a chapter to translate, lol.

    Ahahaha, oh god, the panel with him running away at the end. I’m dying.

  2. I was wondering if a commission for Vol.41 and 42 would bring these out. I want to continue reading Gintama but these 2 volumes are stopping me from doing so since I don’t like skipping chapters.

    • As said before, 41 and 42 will be finished eventually. Kewl already has to deal with two weekly series plus school and other responsibilities, which is why they are delayed. Offering money won’t speed anything up, they’re already being worked on.
      Doing this is the only way to realistically catch up.

      By the way, offering commissions is generally a good way to annoy scanlators.

      • I love your guys work. I was just wondering if i could help, and since monetary is the only method in which i could. Good to know and sorry. Have a happy new year guys!

    • Kewl write it earlier and earlier and earlier and earlier before already – Vol.41 and 42 WILL BE done! Why you just can`t wait? Cheesss….. Sorry my emotions, but that`s start annoying….. really….

    • As far as i know, the Chinese group doesn’t post their raws. the only public raws i know of right now are up on rawpiece, and those are too small and low quality to be usable.

  3. Sorry I meant vol 41/42. Thanks for the answer and for your hard work. Sometimes it’s hard being patient and waiting but I just sit here and read while you guys do all the hard work so I really have nothing to complain about. Work on it at your own pace and whenever it’s done is perfectly ok. I’m just glad you are doing it in the first place.

  4. they don need raw , they can use chinese pictures, kewl translated chapter few days ago. they just have to put that translation into chinese version.

  5. @ last three comments
    Ideally, raws should be around 3000px height and… not something we have to steal from another group.

    • Sorry, No clue. It’s delayed because our raw provider hasn’t sent it yet for some reason. we don’t know why or when to expect raws again.

  6. why do some people does not learn how to wait… They should be grateful that gintama is scanlated for their own leeching needs ~.~

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