Toriko 175 & Gintama 387 Release

Everything’s about to fall apart…

Gintama took a while again this week because Rufi had Internet problems or something I dunno. It really shouldn’t take too long for 388.
Also, the guys from Volume 42 are in this chapter so if you don’t wanna whatever, don’t whatever.
I’ll… get back to doing one of the other hundred things I need to do, now.

Toriko 175:
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Gintama 387:
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30 thoughts on “Toriko 175 & Gintama 387 Release

  1. “Also, the guys from Volume 42 are in this chapter so if you don’t wanna whatever, don’t whatever.”
    more clearly, if you dont know,
    This chapter used characters introduced during an arc in volume 42, which we skipped (temporarily) in order to catch up to weekly chapters.
    Its being animated right now though.

    • Wicked is so fantastic, I saw it on satdruay and I’m still buzzing from it, it was just so amazing. especially Rachel Tucker, her voice is unbelievable. We went to see Lee mainly (he sort of stole our pen again. he did that at Arthur Saville’s Crime too but at least he brought it back both times) but even if he wasn’t in it the show it would still be the one to see.

      • If I remember correctly it was only on that color page (don’t know why, even though is was written multiple times before that as Toriko). Still in the Gourmet Hunting Book it’s written (twice) Toriko, Coco, Sunny and Zebra. Same names are also written in the wallpaper that was in the Gourmet Hunting Book. But never Sani or Zebura. And Sanī is definitely Sunny, I have seen plenty of time サニー and everytime that name was written officially as Sunny. Even on every merchandise and toriko anime website, it’s written as Sunny. I doubt that every official product (including the manga) is wrong in this case (it’s not like the merchandise can’t make mistakes, but every single one to make the same mistake so many times?), but you are correct with Sani. Well whatever, I just wanted to know why are you still using those names, when the official ones are know. I won’t be writing anymore.

      • I might change them eventually, but I prefer writing the names this way. Also, like I said, a lot of merchandise will just sorta guess as to how to romanize a name. If the names show up in the actual content of the manga (Not like the color page) somewhere I might change it. But there are romanization errors there, too, sometimes. Like in Takeshi sometimes they wrote “reader” instead of “leader”. So really it’s up to the translator to write it how he wants in that case. I may still change it though, eventually. Or maybe for when we redo everything in volumes I’ll write Sunny and Zebra. Same with things like Jidar instead of Jidal.

  2. Thanks for the Gintama~!!

    Poor Shogun, destined to the the tighty-whitey Shogun forever. I’m glad we get to see Kagura’s princess friend again!

    • hmm please don’t say that.
      Toriko is a very finely crafted manga and easily in the top 3 current jump series; Gintama not being one of them.
      But if you are 14 and love its puerile humor I can’t blame you.

  3. thanks you oodles and oodles for the gintama chapters!! you guys are def my fav scanlation group *___* without you guys there wouldnt be gintama manga releases…..which is terrifying O_O up the good work!

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