Toriko 176 Release

Drown your sorrows of Valentines Day in tons and tons of alcohol…

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I’ve gotten into the weird habit of staying up all night the night before I get the raws for this, then getting it and sending it to the cleaners, then translating it, then going to sleep at 9-10AM and sleeping until like 4-5 PM when the cleaning’s done… Then typesetting and releasing it… I guess that’s… Ok…

Toriko 176:
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15 thoughts on “Toriko 176 Release

  1. And that’s why you and the rest of the team is so awesome ! 😀 I’m very thankful for the weekly dose of Toriko and Gintama 🙂

  2. Isn’t it awesome when you think “wouldn’t be nice if i had a Toriko chapter right now” and you check the feed and there it is? Is like when you have an appetite for something and you open the fridge and is there.

    Thanks so much guys.

  3. at least you can sleep to 4pm, when I sleep at 9/10 am I wake up at 1pm at most, thanks for the chapter even though I don’t read toriko XD

  4. Wow you stayed up all night to scanalate? *sniff* I’m deeply moved by your dedication! Great job and thank you for all your hard work as always!


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