Toriko 177 Release

Unlike most, I do not recommend eating while reading this chapter.

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Really, I’d like to scanlate Takeshi eventually… Most of that manga is a lot like this.

Toriko 177:
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12 thoughts on “Toriko 177 Release

  1. Thanks!
    Damn, I laughed so hard that my face’s become numb 😀
    That is why I love reading Toriko.
    Passed-out Sani at the end of the chapter was so cash 😀

  2. Chapter 177, page 06, last panel, ” worlds slinkiest train station” shouldn’t it be “worlds stinkiest train station”

    Page 08, fourth panel, “This smell is an order” , order should be replaced either by odor or odour.

    Page 09 first panel, “and hibernating bares”, bares should be replaced by bears.

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