Toriko 180 & Gintama 393 Release

It’s been so long…

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I have nothing in particular to say at the moment.

Gintama 393:
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Toriko 180
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35 thoughts on “Toriko 180 & Gintama 393 Release

  1. hehe im impressed. A double release of toriko and Gintama. But it isn’t unexpected though, due to the nature of the current Gintama chapters.

  2. THANK YOU GUYS!! OH MY GOD this Gintama chapter. I knew if we ever got this backstory it was gonna be sad but it’s ripped my heart out and stomped on it. Sob

  3. OMG!!! its THE BEST ARC ever!!! it turning out so good… that I want to read further….

    CANT wait for next chapter!!

    It should be on the top with naruto and bleach!!

  4. Thanks for the double! you don’t have to say anything anyway, “A man is measured by his actions, not his words” good quote to back you up! lol

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  6. Thank you for translating Gintama chapters! Now that the anime has ended (or went on hiatus, hopefully) you’re our only hope now!!!

    • The anime didn’t end. Read the manga and you’ll find out, it’ll just become “Kintama”. It’s all part of the plan~

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