27 thoughts on “Gintama 396

  1. It’s like every chapter’s the best chapter ever… <–For a series like Gintama, truer nor more appropriate words were never spoken. Mind: Blown. World: Rocked.
    Thanks for the release!

  2. Every chapter that has been coming out has been the best ever. There is just too much awesomeness packed in one chapter i think I am going to have a heart attack, And after every chapter is released i just feel like reading the arc again, It never becomes boring it is more awesome each time i read it.

  3. Yep, Sorachi has really excelled himself (and everyone else for that matter). This is the greatest arc in shounen history.

  4. Thanks for the chapter!!!

    Oh man, it’s mean of them to put the “End of chapter” text on like the third to last page, for a split second I thought that was really the end of the chapter
    and it would’ve been REALLY mean to end there.

    And we finally saw [spoiler redacted]!! WOW

  5. thanks for the chapter I appreciate it, but you really should get a translation checker, in every chapter there are some grammatical mistakes and others

  6. so freakin amazing!! i can’t believe how incredible this arc is. It’s so easy to name Gintama my all time favorite manga/anime!
    Thanks for all the translations xD

  7. AMG…..Gintama….thx god i read this manga……..

    So now we know…why Gintoki always fight for his comrade with his own life in the line……..damn amazing arc

    cant wait this arc become anime next years ( maybe… )

  8. Good job on the awesome release! This is one hell of a chapter.

    Btw, I noticed that on p.9 the translation for what Oboro said has one too many to be:
    But my assasination technique “is are” not to read….

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