Gintama 398

But the nightmare doesn’t end.

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Ok, go read it.

Edit: There was a mistake on one page. A bubble got deleted somehow, no clue how. It was there when I checked it. Anyhow, the fixed version is up now on all the links.

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35 thoughts on “Gintama 398

  1. Come on… when i get to see two demons get to fight each other… ALSO i wanted katsura in this arc.. he will laughing his head off, when shogun was toppled…..

    cant wait for next arc…

    • Excuse me, but… One more time: Don`t like it – DON`T READ IT!!!!!!!
      My native language is Russian, BUT I understand everything very well.

    • Gintama is one of the hardest mangas to translate. and even so they are doing a great job. I dont see what you cant understand… i speak serval languages, and english isnt even my first language, but god damned, i understand every single word… i really cant see how you dont.

  2. Thanks for the release!!! I agree once again, every chapter is the greatest chapter! What a fantastic ending to a fantastic arc. I can’t wait for the next arc, it’ll be good to laugh my head off after all these epic mind-blowing chapters! :DDD

  3. The translation is good, I don’t know what the person above is griping about. Clearly they’ve never read any *really* bad fan translations, where it’s impossible to understand what the characters are saying.

    That being said… 😀

    I do think there is a confusing bit on page 10, where Oboro says, “But there is another that is will use this in order to creep closer to central… that existence is our true enemy.”

    There are three things off with that sentence:

    1) The second “is” shouldn’t be there
    2) creep closer to central – what? Is that meant to say, creep closer to the centre? (In that case, the centre of what?)
    3) “That existence” should be “that being”, I think. (“Existence” isn’t really used to refer to a person in English, but “being” has the same meaning and is used for people.)

    • That first one’s a typo, I’ll go fix that. The other two are fine though. Existence or being both mean the same thing really. Center refers to 幕府中央暗部, “Bakufu Central” (The government) or “Dark Side of Bakufu Central” (The Tendoushuu) it’s mentioned in a few places earlier by Bansai and Kamui. Though it’s never made explicitly clear, it seems to mean the location of the “real” machinations of the government, specifically the Tendoushuu. They talked about it in chapter 310 some.

      • Oh, okay, thanks for explaining. For what it’s worth, I think it might be easier for the reader to follow if you take a slight liberty with the translation and just use “Bakufu” instead of “Central”.

        • They’re explicitly different words, chosen as different by the author. That’d be going a little too far in terms of interpreting rather than translating, I think.

  4. Thanks for the chapter~!! This might just be my new favorite arc!

    Ahaha, those two are the worst fairies ever.

  5. WoW…just wow…….this is mindblowing chapter….

    this manga is evolving…….damn that gorilla….he answer some of the mystery buat also created a bunch of more mystery >.<

    oh Gintama……..cant wait the next chapter ( this week no gintama or ? )

  6. Thank you very much! This arc was great! And I love you for sharing the scanlations! My life without Gintama would be meaningless 🙂

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