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Hi. We’re doing this series now, too. It’s Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 8 – Jojolion. Mostly it’s being done by other people in the Jojo scanlating community, but not by any one group. So I volunteered our group to be the one releasing it. I’m the only one working on it that’s in our group otherwise. Right now, we’re trying to scanlate the remaining few chapters that have come out in the magazine, Ultra Jump (That’s chapter 10 and 11) and after that we’ll probably try to do volume scanlations (There are two volumes out right now, and the next one comes out in the summer) in better quality. We’ll see how it goes, it depends on people’s schedules. Anyhow, this series is monthly and won’t affect any of the other series or projects time-wise.
Thanks a lot to all the other guys working on it.

As I said before, I can’t get on the apiljuce server right now so we’re just using the other links until Zoma comes back. Also I’m in the middle of final as is most of the rest of the staff, so Gintama will get done in the next couple days at some point.

Jojolion 9
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12 thoughts on “Jojolion 9

  1. I’m a huge JBA fan so I was hoping that someone would pick this up, but to have you guys pick this up makes me feel like it’ll be in good hands.

      • It is, it just doesn’t show on mangaupdates.

        Try mangatraders.

        I agree, though. Not only doing gintama but Jojo too? You’ve earned yourself a diehard fan. I’ll be picking up Toriko just for that.

        • Well, like I said, I’m the only one in the group working on both (all) projects. I translate a bunch of other stuff. Just translating if I don’t need to manage everything and typset and the like isn’t too hard. Assuming the things I’m translating aren’t all Gintama.

  2. Finally, new chapters scanlated ;_; Words can’t describe how grateful I am.
    It’s really weird how everybody seems to know and love Jojo, and yet almost nobody scanlates it. Is it hard to work on, or are the scans hard to find…?

  3. Hmm I guess its just not that popular in America, Angelo. Some of the redrawing is crazy and until recently ( since its such an old series) there have been hardly any good public raws. And JoJo Project uses its own private raws.

  4. This series is so exciting! I like every JJBA, but since “Steel Ball Run” Hirohiko Araki’s drawing is at his top, and is even better at “Jojolion”. I don’t know how to thank you, I will just download and comment every release.

  5. Thank you so much for helping with this! Jojolion is so far really great and I am glad it is in your care. Love your Toriko releases as well

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