Gintama 401

Here’s your story about the cute puppy.

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Oook. It’s about 5AM. I stayed up late getting this sorta thing done once again… now so I’m gonna go attempt to sleep.

Gintama 401
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22 thoughts on “Gintama 401

  1. wow, its so late ..
    But thank you very much for your hardwork on this ! 😀
    and have a good sleep 🙂

  2. Thanks for the chapter~!!

    Man I loved all the minor characters showing up again. After such a long serious arc it’s so refreshing. (And of course Zura is flawlessly Zura, as always)

  3. thanks for the scan.
    but i really want to know who drew all the photos relating to each chapter. theay are fantastic. i want to thank him for his work. you want find any better drawings in the net.
    and this one(gintoki+sadaharu) is really awesome.
    please tell me who is the drawer.

    • and though I love Gintama, I wouldn’t mind if the chapter is released a little later and you took better care of your health ^^
      Working until 5am can’t be healthy so don’t overdo it please 🙂

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