Toriko 192

The world is clearly going crazy.

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Oook. This is done. I feel like I’ve spent the last 5 days doing nothing but translating, typsetting, managing groups and stuff… Barely got any time to sleep or do other things. And now after spending 4 hours typesetting on this frustratingly slow as hell computer, I’m gonna go spend 8 hours translation checking Gintama and a couple other things and then maybe sleep around 10AM…

Aaanyhow, this chapter’s totally awesome and got some great story development. Enjoy.

Toriko 192
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16 thoughts on “Toriko 192

  1. I, for one, appreciate your time spent on Toriko.
    And Kokou no Hito, which is so close to being finished. Not like those chapters have much text though.

  2. Thanks for the translation! You know we appreciate it very much. Try clearing some running unused programs on your desktop. It’ll work faster! Sometimes all it need is just some cleaning

  3. thank you kewl for toriko. download ccleaner and it will fix your pc like new then run reqistry and scan for issues , secon option is run ccleaner. after that your pc will be much faster. program is free.

  4. a big thank you man for all your hardwork and commitment..really i salute you guys doing this out of passion and for free >.< seems like you're doubling as translater and typsetter =.= thank goodness you got a cleaner..that's crazy to do in addition to all of the above
    THANKS mate!

  5. you guys rock my socks! Keep uP the great work! ^__^ oodles of thAnk yous! and if you ever need extra time off you bloody should! Even rest….it’s very understandable

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