Toriko 194 & JoJolion 12

The goddamn world’s gonna explode…

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Ok, here’s this stuff. It’s all done.

Also, if you haven’t heard yet, they announced a new Jojo Anime starting in October and a video game for PS3.

Toriko 194
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JoJolion 12
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12 thoughts on “Toriko 194 & JoJolion 12

  1. What ever happened to the Gintama Volume that was supposed to bridge the last set of chapters together? Been waiting on that for over a year now.

    • That volume’s only been out for like 9 months. And we finished the last one in mid-March. There’s only so much free time I have from week to week to work on that. And it takes something like 10 hours of work to finish most of those chapters. That on top of about 8 weekly projects or near-weekly projects I’m doing.

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  3. was gintama on a break last week again or does it take abit longer this time ???
    im just confused since the new issue of jump is already scanned…other than this keep up the great work guys. your doing awesome job.

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