Toriko 195 & Gintama 406

No time for planning…

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So, Jump came out early this week.
Gintama was delayed because I’ve been busy with a bunch of things. Mostly building my new computer. The next Gintama chapter shouldn’t take too long. Anyhow, I gotta go catch a bunch of other things. Go read these.

Toriko 195
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Gintama 406
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27 thoughts on “Toriko 195 & Gintama 406

  1. It seem the direct download for toriko is linked to chapter 194 not 195.

    Thanks for getting this up early anyway!

  2. There’s several type error, is there’s a new translator or new proofreader?
    page 009 : “it’s it will mean seppuku”
    page 013 : Kibosh (no meaning translation like usual)
    page 014 : “we didn’t com here to”
    page 016 : “bow hid head to us”

    Honestly I think this is the first time I see a horrible sub from Hiwa mata noboru.

    • 009: Remember, the speech bubble is coming from two different people.
      013: ‘Kibosh’ is an English word…
      014 and 016: …Sorry.

      So only two errors! We’ve done way worse than this..

      • I forgot to mention
        002 : ” Didn’ I ”

        Really? Lol i hardly see errors on Hiwa Mata Noboru scans of Gintama, or maybe I didn’t pay enough attention lol, now now, there’s no need to get agitated,not like I’m saying anyone is **pointing to the post under you** 😛
        I’m just pointing at the mistake, Hiwa Mata Noboru are the best scanlation and translation group for Gintama that I’ve ever seen, I’ve been reading it for years and I hate to see the qualities going down (^-^)

    • One, you’re being a jackass. And two, I put up a version with those two 1-letter-typos among this 250 line script fixed in it. Just for you.

      I don’t mind people pointing out typos. Gintama has tons of lines, we have to go through them in a very short time, and it’s hard to catch typos (Especially when I’m doing all the TLCing and editing on my own, and proofing my own work, on top of all the other stuff I have to do every week). Just don’t be a jackass about it.

      • Thanks for all the releases. Dude is complaining about your mistakes and can barely make a coherent post about them. Don’t throw stones from glass houses and so on. I keep up with Gintama, Toriko and Jojolion frequently and it’s nice to have all 3 of ’em come out fairly on time.

      • I would help with proofreading if it would be necessary. I mean if I can help release Gintama and lessen your workload (which seems to be quite a lot), I’d be happy 🙂
        Though I don’t have expierence, so if you rather want someone with expierence as proofreader, I’d understand 🙂
        Though it seemed wrong not to offer my help. ^^

  3. thank u so much! especially gintama! by the way, anybody knows what happened with chapter 361-371? I can’t find ’em anywhere.

  4. Thanks for the chapter~!!

    I love how Gintama will take a totally ridiculous concept (Star Wars parody) and play it totally serious (though it’s never really “straight”). I really really really really want to see this arc animated!!

  5. great job dude. i see typos from time to time too but its no big deal for me and shouldnt be to anyone really since its not an official manga release its just a fan-service for fans.

    i cant wait to see the next chapter for gintama
    keep up the great work !!!

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