17 thoughts on “Gintama 408

  1. A truly beautiful chapter! <3 It made me actually cry. Gintama is so amazing and Sorachi has a wonderful way with words. I just adore how close the Yorozuya are and the strength of their familial bonds. Thank you for a fantastic chapter release!

  2. Thanks for the chapter~!!

    I don’t think we’ve had an arc where Gin-san didn’t get beat halfway to hell in the past year. I wonder if he’s gonna get princess carried. Kagura could totally do it.

  3. well kagura is the guy in their relationship 😀 gintoki always trying to do the impossible all on his own…and succeeding 3/4 of the times 😀
    though I’m kinda having trouble taking this arc seriously :-/

  4. Thank you Hawk for providing the raw.
    Thank you Bomber D Ruffy for translating it.
    Thank you Kewl0210 for checking the translation.
    Thank you Benii for cleaning it.
    Thank you Minky Blue for cleaning aswell.
    Thank you Mooni for typesetting.
    Thank you Kewl0210 for typesetting aswell.

    Thank you Hi Wa Mata Noboru for bringing us another awesome Gintama chapter.
    Finally, thank you Cyborg Soraichi for concocting one of the greatest manga of our time.

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