Gintama 410

Another day…

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I’m gonna go eat some macadamia nuts.
Remember, there’s no Jump next week. (The week of 8/8-8/14.) So… I’ll go work on volume 42 more I guess… The text is soooo damn dense…

Gintama 410
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17 thoughts on “Gintama 410

  1. Thanks for the chapter~!!

    I love that between Kondou and Kyuubei, Kondou’s the straight man. They need to be friends forever.

    And aww, those smiles… :’)

  2. Wonderful chapter as usual!!! Fantastic way to end this beautiful arc and yes, I want to eat chocolate-covered macademia nuts *q* This chapter is so sweet and hilarious and touching!
    Thanks for the release!!!! Great job!!! Gintama rules!

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