Gintama 411


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Here’s your manga about watermelon and Dragon Quest puns.
Jump should be back to its regular schedule next week.

Gintama 411
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    • Also, when you upload Gintama chapters to Batoto, make sure you put the volume number. If you don’t then the chapter will be listed under chapter 1 like this:
      Volume 1 chapter 2
      Volume 1 chapter 1
      chapter 411

  1. Awesome, hilarious and really cute chapter!!! Thanks for the release!! The Yorozuya and Soyo-hime are freaking PRECIOUS. I love how this series can turn the everyday and ordinary into the epic, incomprehensible, and profound. The eating of watermelon as a drama is just beautiful and ridiculously funny XD. I love the lulzy light-heartedness after all those epic, heart-breakingly, beautiful arcs. Gin was such a cool big bro in this chapter too. I’m happy for the princess and for Kagura for being such cute BFFs. The DQ references were wonderful too. LOVED IT. <3

  2. Thanks for the chapter~!!

    Aww, I’m glad Sorachi keeps bringing Soyo-hime back, she’s so cute. It’s a shame she never gets to interact with Okita, they’d be an unstoppable adorable sadist duo.

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