Gintama 412

Gin’s Jesus complex.

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Ok, so this is done. I’ve basically been doing nothing but scanlating for the last 24 hours, so I’m gonna work on some other stuff for a while. 413 is being cleaned and stuff still.

Gintama 412
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18 thoughts on “Gintama 412

  1. This chapter is hilarious (as expected of Gintama of course)!!!!! XDDDD Loved it! I can’t wait for the next chapter. Of course it would be the FRIIIGGGGIIINN SHOGUUUUNNN!!!! Gin and Tama were awesome!!! Thanks for the wonderful chapter release and your willingness to take on the duty of translating Gintama in BDR’s stead is REALLY AWESOME of you. Thank you so much for that as well. Gintama is the best series ever and it always makes my week. FANTASTIC and beautifully LULZY CHAPTER!!! <3

  2. Thank you so much for always translating Gintama chapters ! Plus, your translation is very good and you even explain the references, thank you !!

    This chapter was hilarious, we’re lucky that Shigeshige recovered his Shougun title in the Ikkoku keisei arc, otherwise no more Shoooogun ka yooo ?!!!

    It would have been such a loss ..

  3. Hey!

    Thanks a lot for the chapter. I’ve been reading Gintama since a couple of months, and I can say your job is great!

    I have some questions to ask, if you don’t mind. How advanced is the series in Japan? Do you release the chapter the same week it goes out in Japan?
    I don’t ask this to hurry you XD, just want to now more about my current favourite series.

    • Yeah, these chapters came out in Japan this week. 413 is the newest one.

      We’re working on V42 which there’s a gap in. It’s taking a long time because the text is extremely dense and the jokes are really obscure, and various other reasons the translation takes a very lot of effort and I don’t have much time between weekly stuff to work on it. And when I do, usually I’d rather work on something I can actually finish rather than spend 4 hours to do 4 pages of that.

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