Gintama 413

Every last drop…

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Ok, all done.
This chapter had a lot of redrawing, so thanks a lot for MinkyBlue and Mooni working so hard on that.

Gintama 413
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21 thoughts on “Gintama 413

  1. Thanks for the release of one of my favorite series! 🙂

    I know Gintama has a crazy amount of text and cultural references compared to any other manga, so I appreciate the time and effort you take to do it so accurately.

  2. XD This was a fantastic chapter! XD Wonderfully lulzy. Thanks for the release and all your hard work!!!! Gintama really is the best series ever!!!

  3. Yeah, as many have already said, i think your job in Gintama is top class. As a spanish fansuber, i really admire you for showing this much didication bringing us Gintama weekly.
    Keep up the good work!!

  4. It would be so great if the 2nd Volume was ever released. I mean there are so many people waiting for those back issues before they could move forward that these current releases are like a slap in the face. Noone can make you work on anything but if you could please maybe make that a priority instead of always crying about 8 releases and making up new excuses. There isn’t much I can do besides donate money to the cause but if you would list something out about where things stand I would at least try to help. Just every time I ask it becomes a pity party or blame game.

    Don’t think I don’t appreciate it but instead of excuses and blaming everything else, why not just get down to it and stop pushing it off, if anything maybe delay the newer Gintamas until you get caught up so people don’t have a 40-50 chapter backlog to get through.

    Thank you

    • If they’d delayed working on new Gintama chapters to finish Vol 42, there would be a 40-50 chapter backlog for the translators instead. That would suck ass, not only for the translators (who are the reason you can read this in the first place), but all the other fans who don’t have such hangups about not being able to read the Baragaki arc (that was shown in the anime anyway).

      I mean, do you really think having to READ a 40-50 chapter backlog (for no other reason than your own personal policy) is worse than having to TRANSLATE a 40-50 chapter backlog? How self-centered.

  5. It’s hard not to sound like an entitled prick when readers ask for more chapters, but it sounds like the commenter above me just can’t help it. A quick cursory search on sites like mangahere shows that most of the chapters have been scanlated, aside from volume 42 (chapters 361-371) which the anime already adapted (the baragaki arc). Really, you’re not missing anything.

    I for one appreciate the work that you guys are putting into scanlating Gintama as it comes out every week. Its wordiness, the sheer amount of references and still being able to make it sound funny is commendable indeed. Keep it up, and take as much time as you guys need to because we all know it’s not an easy job!

    • Basically, I have four weekly project I work on on top of the rest of my life, so it’s very hard to have time for this. the “Madam Arc” which I’m up to right now has about 24 bubbles per page, and not easy plot-moving-forward stuff either. It’s of people standing around making jokes and tsukkomi about weird things going on, usually involving insanly weird grammar and colloquialisms that make it really hard to understand and look up. So I can either spend 5 hours doing about half a chapter, or I can spend 5 hours doing 15 chapters of another series, or do entire other large jobs which I like to do when I have time and are much less frustrating. I’m gonna try to get back to it a bit soon though, once I get through something in real life right now.

  6. Thanks for the chapter~!!

    Ah, thank god Comedy of Errors Gintama is back. I don’t think my heart could take another serious sad arc.

    SHOGUN KA YOOOO!! will never get old. Amen.

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