15 thoughts on “Gintama 414

  1. LOL This chapter is hysterical XDDD Poor Zura, poor Gintoki!!! The FRRRIIIIIGGGGIIIINNN SHOGUUUUNNNN is really cool!!! Thanks so much for the release! Hilarious and fantastic chapter as usual!!!!!! Gintama rules all, like a SHOGUN! <3 Great job HWMN!!!

  2. Thanks to this chapter, I think my coworker thinks I’m crazy. I busted out laughing so hard when I reached the last two pages. Thanks guys.

  3. omfg soraichi, you damn comedy gorilla 😀 that was absolutely brilliant! I mean it was to be expected, not only is katsura an idiot but the shogun was raised to lead people.
    Still to make one laugh like that, absolutely brilliant.
    All hail to the returned shiroyasha xDDD omfg
    Thanks guys 😀 you’re second best to gintama xP

  4. Thanks for the chapter~!!

    Zura is great when he gets to be serious and kickass but I just LOVE it when he’s an idiot. In a series full of idiots, he’s my favorite idiot.

    Draw 4 cards are life-ruiners, man.

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