Gintama 416 & Toriko 206

2 10 2012

Gintama’s the kinda series where the author knows how it’s gonna end from chapter 1.

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Whew… I’m so exhausted… Okay, Jump came out early this week. Here’s the previous issue’s Gintama and this week’s Toriko. This week’s Gintama is wordy as hell…
Jojolion 14 is almost done. As usual, we had to wait for Jfreek to get his copy of Ultra Jump in the mail, but he’s got it and scanned it now.
Also, this week there’s a one-shot of Kishibe Rohan ga Ugokanai a.k.a. Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe in Jump. So we’ll try to scanlate that, too. I guess.

Edit 10/3: There were a couple typos that I fixed. If you didn’t notice, it doesn’t matter really.

Gintama 416
Direct Download
Online Reader (Batoto)

Toriko 206
Direct Download
Online Reader (Batoto)



14 responses

2 10 2012
2 10 2012

Thanks for the chapter~!!

Aww, that’s the cutest poster.

2 10 2012

thanks! next we gonna get super saiyans.hehe

2 10 2012

Thanks a lot for Toriko. ;D

3 10 2012

Thanks for Gintama.
on page 8 theres an extra ‘he’,
“He really won’t he shut the hell up…”

3 10 2012

this update’s gintama looks like a lot of work, thanks for that (: neo armstrong cyclone jet armstrong canon. yea.

3 10 2012

Thank you for the chapters! I’ve been waiting for this all week!

I’m extra pumped for Jojo, I can’t wait to read it!

3 10 2012

thanks for both gintama & toriko m(_ _)m

3 10 2012

thanks for the hard work X3

3 10 2012

Hurray! My precious Gintama’s out!!! Thanks so much for the release and your hard work! I love this chapter!!!! The Yorozuya are adorable and that poster is perfect!!!! I love the Earthbound references and this chapter is HILARIOUS!!! I love those hanging out, breaking the fourth wall, chill out, lulzy chapters!!! It must be wicked fun to live at the Yorozuya!! <333 I wish I lived there!!!

3 10 2012

thank you for Gintama :)

3 10 2012

Thank you! :D

4 10 2012

Thanks for the chapters

4 10 2012

Whoa…a Genkidama…

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