Toriko 207

Everybody likes Pac-Man.

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All right, all done. We got the raw kinda late so it took longer than usual.
I’ll probably go back to working on something Gintama related now, as that’s how I spend all my free time…

Toriko 207
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11 thoughts on “Toriko 207

  1. Thanks for the epic release.
    Hah, while everybody was going DBZ spirit ball, it turns out it was a giant rampages pacman. How did they not see that coming? >_> This mangaka is awesome. But this cliffhanger is going to kill me.

  2. Thanks again for working on Gintama. There are many of us who are waiting for that Volume before we start reading again. I know Gintama for the most part isn’t a continuous manga like other shonen arc-based ones are but it is still good for continuity. I can’t wait until the day the volume is posted because I will have about a 50-60 issue reading party that day.

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