18 thoughts on “Gintama 419

  1. Thanks for the chapter release!!!! Great chapter as usual from Gintama!!!! Baldy’s back!!!! Hurray!!! SUCH AN ADORABLE CHAPTER!!!!! It’s great to see Gintoki behaving like a worried dad <3 I really love the hilarious Yorozuya family dynamics!!! Poor Gin and Umibozu!! Kagura really is adorable and Shinpachi is a great big brother to her!! I can't wait for the next one. I have to know what's going to happen next!!

  2. oh sorachi you did really go there! 😀 thanks for the chapter guys!

    next weeks chapter title: gin’s and umibozu’s throes of jealousy! ;D

  3. Thanks for the chapter~!!

    Aaahhh can I just squeal over the fact that 1. Gin called Umibouzu dad and then 2. they both called themselves Kagura’s dads? Yorozuya family is best family~

  4. Thanks so much for the release, Gin and Umibouzu are always hilarious when together! =D Can’t wait to see how to “date” turns out!

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