Gintama 419

21 10 2012

Cute little Kagura…

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Okay, here, this is this.

Gintama 418
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18 responses

21 10 2012

Thanks for the chapter release!!!! Great chapter as usual from Gintama!!!! Baldy’s back!!!! Hurray!!! SUCH AN ADORABLE CHAPTER!!!!! It’s great to see Gintoki behaving like a worried dad <3 I really love the hilarious Yorozuya family dynamics!!! Poor Gin and Umibozu!! Kagura really is adorable and Shinpachi is a great big brother to her!! I can't wait for the next one. I have to know what's going to happen next!!

21 10 2012

thanks (:

22 10 2012

Thanks for the chapter

22 10 2012

Thanks for the chapter!!!!!!! X3
I’m glad to see baldie again!! XDDD

22 10 2012

Oh my kagura-chan, you’re making Gin-san & Umibozu panic XD
it’s been a while since the last time Umibozu appears :)

thank you!

22 10 2012

Great chapter! I like Gin and baldy in fatherly mode! Thank you very much!

22 10 2012

oh sorachi you did really go there! :D thanks for the chapter guys!

next weeks chapter title: gin’s and umibozu’s throes of jealousy! ;D

22 10 2012

Thanks for the chapter~!!

Aaahhh can I just squeal over the fact that 1. Gin called Umibouzu dad and then 2. they both called themselves Kagura’s dads? Yorozuya family is best family~

23 10 2012

Thank you for the chapter!

23 10 2012

Wonderful chapter. Thanks for the release!

23 10 2012

Thanks so much for the release, Gin and Umibouzu are always hilarious when together! =D Can’t wait to see how to “date” turns out!

23 10 2012

probably the same as matsudaira watching over kuriko :D

23 10 2012

With less fabulous hair, I’m sure. ;_; Though, maybe we’ll get Mayo Hero to return?

23 10 2012

Thanks You for the chapter!

23 10 2012

Ow, damn that ‘s’… -.-

24 10 2012

thank you

25 10 2012
Fruit Shake Samurai

What’s with the cicada pose anyway? Where did this fad started?

26 10 2012

Wow what an interesting chapter

cant wait for the next chapter…maybe Okita will come to!!!! barbarian date lol

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