10 thoughts on “Toriko 209

  1. It feels like a little bit of a cop out to bring Teppei back but as long as they keep him around and involved in the story like they are then it should be ok. After this, I am thinking it might not be Joa after all.

  2. I was like.. this

    page 1 : …..
    page 2 : …..No… (bury my face in hand, take a deep breath and click for next page)
    page 3 : aahh.. yokatta (exhale relieve breath)
    page 4 an so on : (enjoying the manga silently)

    and, thank you for the release m(_ _)m

  3. Yay it was an illusion like I thought. Would be a shame to lose him. They should kill of Zombie-Kun or whatever he is called but not Teppei.

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