Gintama 421

The little girl is growing up…

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This chapter really hates me. It does, it wants me dead or in extreme pain. Buuuut I’m done. It’s finished! HA!
My power came back on on Friday so things are back to normal now.

Gintama 421
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9 thoughts on “Gintama 421

  1. Thanks for the release of this adorable chapter!! Great work!!! Awesome and absolutely hilarious chapter as expected!! Gintama rules!! X3 Gintoki, Umibozu and Shinpachi are hilarious and their paternal/fraternal love for Kagura is darling! I love how Kagura totally stands up for herself and I can’t wait to see how Gin and Umibozu deal with those giants. I ADORE the Yorozuya family dynamics!!! They are going to be sorry, not only because they messed with the ward/daughter of Shiroyasha and the Alien Hunter, but they also messed with Kagura herself! Things are getting really EPIC!!! Soyo-hime is really sweet and I’m glad that Dai was actually a really nice kid because I knew Kagura wouldn’t date a jerk. I hope she’s able to bring him back to being a nice guy and they can be friends again. It’s getting really intense and I can’t wait for the next chapter!!! Awesome pic by the way! Really cute!!

  2. remember kids: long-distance NEVER works. soyo-chan sure is fearless? I’d shit my pants if shiroyasha and the umibozu pointed their weapons at me 😀 well to me she seems just to be completely clueless.
    those giants are a bunch of assholes, I dunno how AsheMarie can see Dai as a nice boy, must be a women-only kind of thing :>

    thanks for the chapter guys 🙂

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