Gintama 423

20 11 2012

I don’t even fucking know…

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It’s that this yeah go.

If you forgot, there’s no Toriko in Jump this week. It’ll be back with the opening color pages next week.

And now I’m gonna go work on this week’s Gintama…

Gintama 423
Drop Something
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Online Reader (Batoto)



7 responses

20 11 2012

LOL <3 This chapter was amazing and chock full of WTF XD!!!! I absolutely loved it!!!! Yamazaki and Hattori were AWESOME!!!! I love how 'courses' in Gintama are always so hilariously mind-meltingly INSANE? XD It's awesome that Yamazaki actually learned from it too! I loved all the references as well!!! Excellent chapter as usual!! Thanks for your hard work and the chapter release!!! I'm totally looking forward to the next chapter of Gintama!!!! <3

21 11 2012

Thanks for the chapter

21 11 2012

anpan? anpan anpan anpan anpan anpan anpan anpan anpan anpan!
it’s amazing how sorachi never forgets to develop even near forgotten characters and still make it interesting as hell! kudos to the best author in WSJ :D
many thanks also for you guys for bringing us the newest chapter. :3 <3

21 11 2012

So many Naruto-related things XD

but now i started to miss Shinsengumi-tachi

22 11 2012

I am tossing thanks and anpans…please do your best to eat anpans and accept thanks

22 11 2012

Thank You!

23 11 2012

thank you :)

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