Toriko 215

This guy’s goddamn crazy…
To you Who Is on the Wrong Path
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Allrighty. This is all done. I am now tired and will slowly stop doing things for a bit…

Toriko 215
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13 thoughts on “Toriko 215

  1. he’s so far on course to win. only way he’ll lose if if the final round has some sort of competition that disrespects the ingredients and he just walks away.

    • You can romanize it about 80 different ways. There’s that, “Branch” “Brunch” and I think a couple actual words. Then there are a hundred ways to spell it if you don’t want to make his name an English word. I prefer to do this because it sounds stupid when you read it like that. Also one guy abbreviates his name as “bura” which turns into “Bra” or “Bla” if you romanize it like that. Which is the same sorta weird thing.

      • Ah, that’s fine, i understand. I wasn’t trying to be critical, just didn’t know if you knew about the cooking term.

        I actually prefer the romanized version as well. =)

  2. Umm, just want to inform something to you. Look like there is something wrong with image in page 16(when meat carried by komatsu shine, we can see some square image contain komatsu head?).
    Thx for weekly dose of toriko

  3. You’re right. Something is off on page 16 where Komatsu is picking ingredients. Admin, can you please fix it? Thanks before

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