Toriko 216

20 12 2012

So many things happening…
Commemorating Puffer Whale
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We got the raw for this yesterday, but then Gama took a long time to clean it for some reason and then he didn’t do any of the redrawing so I had to do that, so I spent all evening on this, here ya go.

Edit: There was a mistake on page 16. Damala Sky’s name is way too long. It pushed everybody’s names down and I didn’t notice because everything seemed to line up. It’s fixed now, all links updated.

Also, this is the part of the year where there’s a week of no Jump, then a week with an issue of Jump, then another week off. But sometimes it’s there’s one next week, then none for two weeks. Sometimes not.

Toriko 216
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11 responses

20 12 2012

thank you!
your efforts are severely appreciated

20 12 2012

thank you for toriko

20 12 2012
Ricardo Diaz de Sandi

Thanks a lot for the upload man, great stuff as always

20 12 2012

Um, page 16 is not correct, Damala Sky and The 13 is the same person, but you miss Yuda.

20 12 2012

tnx for ur efforts
soon i might join ;)

20 12 2012

Thanks for the chapter

20 12 2012
Christoffer Grandin

And make no mistake, we love you for it! We all love Toriko and Hi wa mata noboru’s efforts are very much appreciated!

20 12 2012

Thanx!!! Great Chapter!

20 12 2012
Eric Ester Burgos

Thanks for the chapter, but you kicked out Yuda by giving Damala two seats U_U

20 12 2012

Thank you for the chapter and thank you for the hard work!

20 12 2012

Thank you very much for the release!!

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