Gintama 428

Every character in Gintama is a whore.
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Okay, so, as previously stated, this is in a combined-week issue of Jump, so there’s probably no chapter next week. During the Christmas season the Jump mangaka get 2 weeks off. And they stagger the Jump magazine to come out this week, then skip a week, then come out with another issue, then skip another week, then return to normal weekly releasing. But sometimes that issue between the two chapters comes out early and then there are two weeks in a row with no issues after that. We’ll let you know what happens, obviously.

In the mean time, I’ve got a ton of back projects I’m gonna seriously try to get through.

Gintama 428
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10 thoughts on “Gintama 428

  1. Thanks for the new chapter. I was wondering how Gintama 42 is coming along, if you don’t mind me asking. “It’ll get done when it’s done” also works.

  2. Such a fantastic, hilarious and epic chapter!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the release!!! I can’t wait for the next chapter (though I might have to)!!!!! Everyone is so cool and things are getting so intense!!!! I look forward to the next release and I’m really looking forward to more information on the much-anticipated, upcoming Gintama film!!!!

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