Toriko 217

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Okay, this is done now. Gama took a long time again I dunno why.
So the break-gap issue came out early. So there’s gonna be no Jump for the next two weeks then. The next one should be the week of… The 14th-18th I guess.

Edit: I forgot a thing. It’s fixed now.

Toriko 217
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8 thoughts on “Toriko 217

  1. There’s a couple of spelling/writing mistakes on pg 8 on the bottom right panel.

    It says “Do your bet, Matsu!! You’d better not lose in your first match!!”
    “In face, you can’t lose until you beat that moron Buranchi!!”

    It should be “Do your best, Matsu!! ….”
    “In fact, you …”

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