Gintama 430

Man, that game looks good…
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In today’s episode, our characters find themselves surrounded by walls of text in every direction. Will they escape? No.
K, this chapter’s fun. Go read it. I’m trying really hard to get some back projects done. I’ll let ya know how that goes. Whenever one of them gets done.

Gintama 430
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12 thoughts on “Gintama 430

  1. Thank you for the chapter release!!! I LOVED this chapter so much XDDDD I couldn’t breathe from laughing too much!!! I’m so glad I pre-ordered this game!!!! But I definitely wouldn’t mind playing this version of the game either XD All the gaming references were brilliant!!! Fantastic chapter!!! I can’t wait for this game and the next Gintama chapter!!!

  2. I know Gintama is really hard to translate and clean and all the other stuff that goes into it but thank you so much for all the hard work! It really makes the week so much better xD
    Awesome chapter as usual.

  3. first off, thank you for the release. secondly, would you guys recruit a proofreader for the final translations? there are so many grammar errors and inconsistencies with the name like surogoku begoming suroroku, and so on. im not being an ungrateful leech or anything but you guys are already taking too long to release gintama which i could understand why since it’s a text nightmare. but since you guys take long, taking a few longer time to proofread wouldnt hurt. Gintama is a textload itself, so with many grammar mistakes I honestly ould understand the dialogues very often and pretty sure some fans as well.

    • It’s fine. Please don’t be a jackass or a grammar nazi. We don’t have anyone who can do such a job and we don’t have time in our schedules to do this on top of cleaning, translating, typesetting, etc. on 400 line scripts a week. And we have no way of getting such a person. It takes 4-8 hours a week to do just the translations because of how difficult the language is, and I do that every week on top of doing about 15 other projects. I also check through the typesetting and reconcile two different scripts to find the best phrasing. It’s impossible to sort out every single typo. I do proofread it and try to find all of those after I’ve done all that other stuff, but a lot of the time I end up staying up to 2AM or later several days a week after working all night trying to get these things done and there simply isn’t enough energy in my body to go through it all at a meticulous speed to find every little minor one-letter typo. Please just not be an obsessive, entitled jerk about it. We’re all working VERY hard on this and doing it for free EVERY week for almost every week all year for several years in a row. I hope you understand. I’ll go fix the like two spots it said “Surogoku” instead of “Sugoroku” and reupload it everywhere. I’m sure that must’ve been such a horrible distraction that you couldn’t figure out what was going on.

  4. Thank you so much for the chapter! It was downright hilarious, and goodness there was so much text, I’m surprised you were able to release that chapter this early.

    I’m so happy they mentioned the Tales of series! Bamco seems to…not do such a thorough job with marketing in the west, so barely anyone in America knows the Tales of series, which is very unfortunate (same with DQ, it’s not as popular here in the west. When you mention JRPG, people just think of Final Fantasy).

    The font used for “Tales of Gintama Sugoroku” is the same as that of “Tales of Xillia”. Xillia will be coming to America sometime this year or the next (Huzzah!), and they also have two protagonists–one guy and one girl (they’re not siblings though). Apparently the story is incredibly good. If you have time (sounds like you guys don’t though, with all those projects you’re taking on!) maybe you can check it out 🙂

    Once again, thank you so much for all the wonderful translations! I’ll stop fangirling now, heh heh.

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