Gintama 432

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In this week’s dramatic turn of events, the characters slowly unveil the distorted truth and attempt to right the wrongs of the past as the many accounts of history are unearthed in a touching tale of oh I’m so goddamn tired…

Gintama 432
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14 thoughts on “Gintama 432

  1. In the panel just above the bottom of page 6, “Now go get the my the head,” I’m not sure what this is supposed to mean. >.<

  2. Holy Fu*k Sorachi!!! how genius are u to make that plot twist!!

    ty very much for this chapter

    nb : if u watch the gintama anime, try rewatch gintama 50 with madao the movie gag….in there u see musashi is “a man who forgotten about love” ( this plot already begun from long time ago )

  3. Thank you very much! It was a very cool and moving chapter. Just a thing though, it seems a bubble was left empty on page 17, it’s a bit confusing.

    • That’s fixed now. No idea how that happened. There must be some shortcut key in photoshop that make the fill 0% or something that I’m not aware of, because it was there when I checked it.

  4. lawl! it was the old man sogo wanted to use instead of gin, at the beginning when kondo had at least a bit of dignity 😀
    I’d bet my money on that the homeless guy isn’t actually the father but just senile enough to think he is xD

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