Toriko 223

20 02 2013

Let’s all kill everybody!
Four Heavenly Kings Tower
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Okay here’s this. It’s all kinds of things going on. Crazy designs, too.

Edit: There were a couple mistakes that got fixed.

Toriko 223
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15 responses

20 02 2013

Thanks! :D

20 02 2013

tnx for the hard work dude … i think it’s 223 ?_?
tnx again

21 02 2013

thank you for early toriko.

21 02 2013

Thanks for the chapter

21 02 2013

Thank you for the chapter!

I can’t believe that I missed that last Gintama chapter.

21 02 2013

There’s a slight grammar mistake on pg. 8, bottom left panel.

Livebearer says “I guess owe you…” when it should be “I guess I owe you…”

21 02 2013

There, that’s fixed.

21 02 2013

Thanks a bunch for the release!! :D

23 02 2013

Hi Kewl0210, I wanna ask about what chiru said in this chapter ” Because the top of the Saiseiya… is even more of a monster”. I thought that chiru should sai Bishokukai instead of Saiseiya? I just wanna make sure of ain’t translation mistake. Thanks bro for the effort

23 02 2013

Yeah, you’re right. Freudian slip. They were talking about Saiseiyas so I wrote that down. It’s fixed now.

24 02 2013

Hi, even after v2, Gur introduction still have “Description:” before Bishokukai Talent Scout.

24 02 2013

There, that’s fixed too.

25 02 2013

Just your local Hiwamatanoboru fan here :3

Back then I went to check out the Gintama chapters in Mangahere and realized that some of the old chapters are missing, with a few earlier chapters before said gap being scanlated by an anonymous person (albeit on a VERY poor quality).

Problem is though, I’ve completely forgotten what chapters they are.

I DO remember that it was about katsura and elizabeth, and a half parody of star wars (something along that line). I hope that helps somewhat :D

25 02 2013

We scanlated that whole arc a long time ago. It’s on the downloads page.

27 02 2013
Mido An


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