Gintama 438

So many good questions being asked…
Ginko-san to Sou-chan
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Here. You’ve got all kinds of stuff to masturbate to here.
I guess I’ll go translate the rest of the fucking Baragaki arc…

Gintama 438
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11 thoughts on “Gintama 438

  1. Thank you very much for translation Kewl0210 and scanlation Hi Wa Mata Noboru team :).

    BTW, Tishare works, it had a short downtime but now it’s on again and they store files for a long time.

  2. Thanks for the scanlation, Hi Wa Mata Noboru team! (and for the translation, Kewl)

    I love how the gorilla author breaks the 4th wall again with the title and his comment about the miss selection. 😀

  3. So I’ve gone lesbian for Ginko-san.
    Thanks for the chapter guys.
    And oh god Toshi, all the mayo finally caught up to him.

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