Gintama 446

We’ll sell the people dreams at a highly marked-up price…
Moment of Grabbing Stars
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GHZEHSUHGHUa… Here watch this trailer of this thing:

Okay I’m gonna go rest then get back to doing 447… These chapters are so fun to read, but take sooo much work… Sooo tired… So many things to do…

Gintama 446
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17 thoughts on “Gintama 446

  1. Hello, has volume 42 been scanlated ? I’ve been waiting to read it and could not find it, but seeing as you at Hiwamatanoboru are working on Gintama on a weekly base the people who are reading must have read the chapters of volume 42 o_O Germany is a lot of volumes behind, so it could take 3-4 years until we catch up to at least said volume 42 xD it’s “just” 10 chapters (361 – 371), even so I can’t continue to read with them missing …

    —but of course, I’m very thankful for every page, and naturally every text bubble you guys worked on! Keep up the great work on Kintama and Toriko.

  2. Thanks a lot for the chapter mand!!

    The trailer of the film looks awesome. If you would translete, just the script, not the video, it will be much better, I can’t understand a thing XD

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