13 thoughts on “Gintama 447

  1. Thanks for the chapter! Kewl, I remember your work back in the A-Destiny days when you were subbing the KnG anime as well as translating the manga. I was pleasantly surprised when I started reading Toriko and Gintama to find your name in the credit pages. Thanks again Kewl and all the other staff members for all the hard work! One small nitpick though is that you guys lack a QC? Especially in Gintama, I notice quite a few grammatical errors and missing words. Then again, seeing as how text heavy Gintama is, I kinda understand.

    • Yeah, we don’t. I check through it at the end but, that’s all I have time to do. This manga regularly has over 3,000 words in it. To compare, Toriko has more like 1,000 or less most chapters. Thanks a lot for being a fan and all, that really means something to me.

  2. A battle royale to find the biggest bitch in the universe…lmao. Didn’t the manga hint how Otsu-chan had a dark side before? This should be sweet! Still laughing….lol.

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