JoJolion 21

Not just soft, but also wet.
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Zuh. Okay, we’re all done with this month’s Jojolion. We’re still trying to get raws earlier. Hopefully it’ll work out one of these months. Thanks to all the hard work everybody put into this. This one’s got a bunch of color pages in it, too. I think the PV for All Star Battle comes out in a couple days, then the anime event is on the 23rd. So lots of stuff to look forward to.

Oh, and happy birthday to Araki Hirohiko apparently. He’s still an immortal fairy.

JoJolion 21
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5 thoughts on “JoJolion 21

  1. I’m not sure why in the coloured two-page spread you wrote “Araki Hirohiko Art Exhibition in Venice Decided” when it’s actually in Florence. Since I do live in Venice, you had me looking around for a good hour, before actually thinking to check the raws. Anyhow apart from that weird mistake, thank you for the chapter, can’t wait to see the new PV!

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