Gintama 448

Get that bitch Dragon Quest IV. Bitches love Dragon Quest IV.
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This one also has idols. And Dragon Quest. And gratuitous use of the word “bitch”.

Gintama 448
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11 thoughts on “Gintama 448

  1. Thanks a lot for the hard work again!
    So now it’s time for the n° 1 Otsuu fan to make his move. Gooooooo Shinpachiiiiiiiiiiii!

  2. Wow.. They mentioned about Indonesia
    That’s my country, I feel a bit proud because of that. Since that’s mean Sorachi-sensei know about it 🙂
    And thanks for your hard work. This really fun to read 🙂

  3. I just want to thank you guys dearly for all your hardwork, the dialogue looks insane and I don’t think I can imagine the slightest of what it feels like to go through this every week.
    I seriously appreciate it! Especially since I think your the only folks willing to put up with gintama manga ^^
    So I said it once and I’ll say it again…”thank you so much 100 times over”.

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