JoJolion 23

Through the tree hole thing…
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Okay, all done on this one. Hope you guys enjoy. I’m pretty mentally exhausted at the moment.

Uh, Jojolion is on a break again next issue. Buuut there’s a Jojo video game coming out at the end of the month we’ll all be playing. So there’s that. Which is nice.

JoJolion 23
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7 thoughts on “JoJolion 23

  1. We’re gonna be trying out some larger page sizes next chapter so look forward to that, and let us know what you think of course! More than welcome to just swear in capslock at us.

  2. Hello Sir or Madam,
    today it is Tuesday, October 15th 2013.
    I would like to know when JoJoLion 24th chapter will be published in Japan, and when any translation will be available. I haven’t browsed MangaHelpers yet, maybe there is one available.

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