Gintama 459

How will Kagura and Okita’s big ceremony go?
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I really love this sorta chapter where one character is sorta unable to talk to everyone else for one reason or another. It makes for a really serious setup to work the comedy off of. Anyhow, go read it. I’m gonna try to finish somethings.

Update: This week’s (9/4/2013 or so)’s Jump manga are gonna be late this week because our raw provider is away. I was told 2 days. Nothing we can do about that, so sorry guys. We’ll have to wait it out.

Update 2: We’re still waiting on raws. We can’t use public raws because they’re low-resolution and not scanned well. I can translate from them and stuff but we can’t get the scanlations done until we get regular raws. So, you’ll have to wait longer I guess.

Gintama 459
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  1. Don’t feed the troll…
    Thanks for the info kewl0210. As everyone else I’m really looking forward to the chapter but I’d rather wait and have your usual high quality scans.
    Of course what I or anyone else wants is of no consequence, just do it the way YOU want to.

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