Toriko 256

An unpleasant wake-up call.
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Woo. All done.
This chapter’s awesome as hell. More revelations. Really excited for the next arc now… Go read it.
I’m gonna go get a bunch of other work done.

Toriko 256
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7 thoughts on “Toriko 256

  1. This is my 4th read through since you posted it. Interesting stuff. Looks like Team IGO got worked.

    So the way Ichiryuu is saying it, Acacia set this all up and may actually be a bad guy who was looking for a way to get back into the Final Land. They would use Joa/Undead Frohze to get in.

    I also think the chef trio of Komatsu and friends will be able to use food luck and cook the last ingredient. Probably why the author has them one each of the 3 different factions. Probably something will happen to Joa before the final ingredient is done and those 3 chefs will be the key.

    Looking forward to the next chapters. Thanks again Kewl and Co.

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